In questa pagina segnalo un certo numero di siti web che trattano l'argomento APICOLTURA  e che mi sono stati utili e lo sono tuttora nella mia formazione di apicoltore e nel continuo aggiornamento che grazie ad Internet può essere mantenuto costantemente in tempo reale.  


Africanized Honey Bee

Apiculture Way

Apicultura en Mexico


Apiários Esmeralda



Basingstoke and District Beekeepers' Assn

Bee Alert!

Bee Maid Honey

Bee Page on MBS

Bee School Information


Beekeeping - New Zealand

Beekeeping - Canada

Beekeeping Calendar (UK)

BeeNet German pages

Brazilian Beekeeping

British Beekeepers Association

Beekeeping Page

Beekeeping Periodicals

Bees and Beekeeping

Bees and Beekeeping Database

Bees and Beekeeping [Entomol. 020]

Bees and Beekeeping

Beekeeping Bosse

Beekeeping Information

Belindas Beekeeping Spot

British Isles Bee Breeders Association

Brother Adam - Qualities of Buckfast Bees

Centre for Tropical Bees & Polination

Chris's Apiary Page

Community of Buckfast Beekeepers

Conservation de l'abeille noire en belgique

DBF (Danish Bee Federation)

Egyptian Beekeeping

Entomology Index: Beekeeping

Espacio Apicola

Finnish Beekeepers' Association

George and Kate's Beekeeping in Italy

Global Entomology/Agriculture Research Server

Honey Bees and BeekeepingEntomology Index: Beekeeping

Honey Bee Simulation

Imkerei Erhardt

International Bee Research Association

Landeszuchtanstalt für Bienen, Mayen

Maryland (USA) Beekeepers Page

Mead Brewing Archive

Mead Maker's Page

Midnite Bee

National Honey Board

North Staffordshire Beekeepers Association

Oelb-Austria Homepage

Ontario Beekeepers Association

Oxfordshire Bee Keepers Association

Projekt Mellifera

Proapis Homepage Swedish

Sächsischen Imkerseiten

Schweizer Bienennetz

Slovakian Beekeeping

South Australia Kangaroo Island

South Staffordshire Beekeepers Association

Surrey Bee Keepers Association

Swiss bee research centre

Swiss bee association

Traditional Beekeeping in Tunisia

The Bee Culture

The Internet Apiculture and Beekeeping Archive

The Pollinator Scene

University of Nebraska Extension

Varroa jacobsoni and honey bee viruses

Worcester County Beekeepers Association



Musei nel mondo

Ricerca leggi ambientali

IstitutoSperimentale per la Zoologia Agraria, sez. Apicoltura (ISZA) - Firenze

RESpublica - Rendiconti Elettronici della Sperimentazione di dominio pubblico

Istituto Sperimentale per la Zoologia agraria Sezione Operativa Periferica di Apicoltura

Conapi-honey italian production

Centro Regionale per l'apicoltura -Veneto-

0sservatorio Nazionale della Produzione e del Mercato del Miele

Istituto Nazionale di Apicoltura

Museo di apicoltura Guido Fregonese

Mieli d'Italia

Oasi Apistica le Buche

Apicoltori Sondrio

Pagine Personali

Mondoapi di Luca Mazzocchi

Mieli & Ambienti


Malka Cabana di Martin Braunstein

Jean-Marie Van Dyck

Electronic Beecounters ApiSCAN, BeeSCAN, BumbleSCAN

Allen Dick's Home Page (Canada)

Ferdinand Ruzicka Home Page

Andrew's Bee Page

Elias Gonzalez San juan

Barry's Bee Page (Illinois, USA)

Beekeeping at Hazlegrove

Sveriges Biodlares Riksförbund

Chris-o-rama Bee Page

Coyle's bee page

Dave Green's Pollination Pages

Kangaroo Island Beekeeping (Australia)

Winston, Mark L.: The Biology of the Honey Bee

Norwegian beekeeping

P-O Gustafsson's Pages

Last but NOT least  WWW.ROBYBEE.IT